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Resource Guidelines

The Resource Section is a place for both free and paid information, downloads and products and is therefore a type of "Marketplace".

If you wish to add a listing these are the guidelines that all Resource Listings must adhere to in order to be listed on AffilioForum. All Resources listed on AffilioForum must adhere to the Policies and Terms laid out below. Serious or repeated violations may lead to account restrictions.

Please check these policies from time to time as they may change. You are responsible for ensuring that your Resources do not violate any of these Policies. All of these Policies should be considered in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions.

Affiliate Links
Affiliate links are permitted in the "Resource Section". Affiliate links include links to your websites or blogs which redirect to an affiliate link.

If you wish to add a new Resource about a new website, program or product, create ONE listing in the relevant Resource Section and provide up to three links, you are allowed two affiliate links, this may include one banner (728x90 or 300x300 pixels max) and one non-affiliate link, you MUST give others the choice to sign up through either type of link.

Do not use a font size larger than 3, crazy fonts or colours, sound clips, excessive smileys, or anything else annoying!

Also, do not try to circumvent these Terms by posting about a new website, program or product, and requesting others to "PM" you for additional information. Such conduct is no different than affiliate link spam.

Banners should not display bare skin, (nudity, for example, persons in bikinis and lingerie are not acceptable) or suggestive images, religious reference or vulgar language are not acceptable. Your signature maybe removed at AffilioForum's discretion and an infraction or ban may be applied.

Banners should not be similar to other advertisers on the site so as to create confusion, this includes signatures within threads! You can use jpg, png or limited animated gif’s, the refresh rate on any graphic or text within the gif should not be less than 3 seconds. Annoying or flashing images are NOT acceptable, that includes text flashing, and text flying in at any position, glitch effects, flash is NOT accepted. The file size of any banner should not exceed 200KB, ideally your banner size should be 100KB or less for loading speed. Banners slowing AffilioForum maybe removed. Your banner should not contain claims that are false or misleading, e.g. “Approved by Google” when clearly, they have not been approved by Google.

AffilioForum reserves the right, but is not obligated, to remove your affiliate link, and to issue an infraction or implement a ban, upon notification of any violation of this section.

Resource Listings
  1. The title of your Resource listing must reflect the title of the underlying content accurately.
  2. The title of your Resource listing must not include unnecessary promotional language (such as indicating a temporary sale).
  3. Any price listed for your Resource must accurately reflect the price paid without taking any other steps (such as enrolling in a subscription service). If your price is listed exclusive of tax that may be applied, please indicate this in the description.
  4. All content (text, images, etc) shown in your Resource listing must be appropriate for everyone (regardless of age, ***, religion, etc). If the contents of your Resource contain material that does not meet these requirements, the offending contents must not be shown.
  5. Deleting and relisting Resources as a means to avoid negative reviews is prohibited.
  6. If your Resource displays a visible copyright or branding message by default, this must be disclosed in the Resource listing. There is a dedicated field to specify this.
Resource Vulnerabilities

Guidelines on how Resource Authors should respond to vulnerability reports and how vulnerabilities should be reported.

Handling Security Vulnerabilities In Resources
Unfortunately, security vulnerabilities are almost a fact of life in software today. Vulnerabilities have the possibility of being disastrous for users affected. Therefore, how Resource Authors fix the issues and take steps to prevent them is paramount.

For third-party Resources listed in the AffilioForum community, we want to set out clear guidelines for reporting vulnerabilities and for how Resource Authors should handle vulnerability fixes.

Reporting A Vulnerability
If you discover a what you believe to be a vulnerability in a Resource listing, we expect you to follow a responsible disclosure approach. Please contact the Resource Author privately to disclose the details of the vulnerability, including as far as possible:
  1. A clear explanation of the issue.
  2. Explanation of how it can be exploited or significance of the issue.
  3. Steps to reproduce or proof of concept demonstration of the issue.
You should allow a reasonable amount of time for the Resource Author to acknowledge your message, determine the actions they wish to take, and to resolve the issue. Be aware that many Resource Authors are lone Developers/Marketeers, so it is possible they may simply be away and unable to respond (rather than acting in bad faith and disregarding your message). Please wait at least a week for a response before escalating an issue. As long as a Resource Author is actively engaging you, work with them directly for as long as possible before escalating the issue.

If you are unable to successfully contact the Resource Author or the Resource Author refuses to fix a genuine issue, at that point, please escalate the issue to the AffilioForum staff (Direct email: so that we can determine the necessary actions to take. In the case of serious issues, we may remove the Resource.

Resource Authors Responding To A Vulnerability Report
Understand that security issues are essentially inevitable. They are potentially very significant, so you should treat analyzing a vulnerability as a top priority, even if you believe it may not be legitimate.

If you confirm that the issue is legitimate and it is a serious issue, you should consider releasing a fix or making a correction as soon as possible. You should make a determination about the significance of the issue on a case by case basis. You may wish to resolve less serious issues in your next regularly scheduled release; if you are unsure of how serious an issue may be, err on the side of caution and release a fix or make a correction as soon as possible.

When releasing an update or making a correction that resolves a security issue, your update details should include:
  1. A clear indication that there was a fix for an exploitable issue.
  2. A basic explanation of the issue fixed and what it could have led to.
  3. A reporter credit, if the issue was responsibly disclosed and you have received confirmation from the reporter.
If you do not respond to or resolve a vulnerability report, the issue may be escalated to the AffilioForum staff. We may be able to provide some guidance on the issue, but we will not fix the issue on your behalf. If the issue cannot be resolved, in serious cases, we may need to remove the Resource from the AffilioForum Community until the issue is fixed.

Resource Standards

The guidelines within are the minimum expected standards to be adhered to when adding Resource listings.

While it is not currently possible for AffilioForum to review every single Resource that is added, it is important that all Resource Authors are aware of the minimum standards we expect from them when they add Resources.

Following these standards is incredibly important to ensure that we foster a third party Resource eco-system which is founded on quality. It is imperative that if you currently have any Resources which fall short of these standards then you must work towards resolving those issues as soon as possible.

The minimum standards are as follows:
  1. The Resource title must be clear as to its function, even if that's at the cost of brevity. For example, a Resource which automatically marks alerts viewed should be titled "Automatic alert view marking" rather than simply "Alerts".
  2. If the Resource is a software download it must be installable.
  3. Free of obvious bugs - undefined variables, undefined indexes, spelling mistakes, using $this outside of the object context etc.
  4. Any Resource updates released should make it clear which issues (if any) have been resolved in the update.
  5. Any code must not be encrypted, encoded or otherwise obfuscated.
  6. Third party libraries included in your Resource must be appropriately licensed.
If you disagree with these Guidelines please do not use this website. If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, either post a thread in the Support & Feedback forum or email us directly at:

Forum policies may be changed and/or updated at any time without notice.

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